Information Booths

There are two (2) types of Information Booth: Permanent and Transient:

  • Permanent Information Booth: Set up Friday and Saturday in the Square in for the duration of the Festival
  • Transient Information Booth: Temporary set up Friday and/or Saturday wherever we can find a spot to place you in or about the Square. (This is the more economical route from Permanent). You will be required to pack up each day at or around the beginning of the concert to make room for spectators. Additionally, any time during the day you may be asked by Festival Staff to relocate.

To apply for space to set up an INFORMATION BOOTH “on the square”, please complete the application form found below.

Please submit your application by the above method from approximately February to May.

Please provide required information before inquiring about fees!

Please note we receive a LOT of emails and applications. YOU WILL NOT BE CONTACTED UNLESS WE HAVE SPACE AVAILABLE AND YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED! If you are not contacted, consider resubmitting your application each year to keep your organization at the forefront during the selection period.

If selected, payment of required fee indicates agreement to terms as written.

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